A sewing workshop for musicians

Located in the heart of the French Alps close to Grenoble, France, our artisanal sewing workshop Belledonne Piquage SARL specializes in technical work. Based on our know-how we developed the ProtectAmp brand for guitarists and bassists who care about their amps and share our passion for music.

Our experience working with various artists inspired us to develop amp covers which meet the criteria of protection, weight and aesthetics. Our hand-made, made-to-measure process allows us to offer high quality products to our customers.

We understand the importance of your amplifier: it’s part of your style, makes your creations heard and testifies to the quality of your instrument. It’s a key piece of your equipment and we know how much you care about it. This is why we offer the best protective covers adapted to different uses and needs. Whether you’re a stage musician, a studio musician or an amateur playing at home, your amp deserves protection, essential to its longevity.